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  Any Graduate
  0-3 years
  Job Description 1)Daily order collection as per target on pro-rate basis from each dealer / market organizer. 2)Payment collection from the dealers / market organizer as per the terms and ensuring zero overdue at any time through daily monitoring. 3)Quarterly mapping, in prescribed format, of markets to have details of every counter in the area of operation. 4)Visits to Mehta Group market organizers /dealers/sub-dealers, competitors MOs/dealers and end users (IHBs, contractors, small builders, etc) as per Journey Cycle Plan finalized between the officers and Regional Head for the month. 5)Improving network health by having desired number of dealers for rotating the targets as well as having proper number of dealers in each slab to have right healthy mix of network, as targeted for the area alongwith Regional Head. 6)Collection of Invoices of other companies / ledgers has to be done every month to substantiate our prices and rebates & incentives. 7)Distribution of ledgers, credit notes and items related to Rebates & Incentives with proper explanation to each dealer about the earnings they had by doing business with us. 8)Ensuring that invoices, dispatch details and other documents are given to market organizers/ dealers in time as per the set frequency. 9)Quarterly reconciliation of account with each dealer and having confirmation of balance from them. Any issues arising out of it shall be taken up with the concerned persons/departments to get it closed to have proper confirmation of balance. 10)Organizing local meets like Consumer Guidance Camps, Masons, Contractors, Dealers, Sub dealers, Market Organizers, as per the agreed plan for the month / quarter / year. 11)Ensuring that the display items provided for display at dealer outlet gets properly installed at each outlet and maintained by them properly. 12)Gift items, give-aways and freebies as prepared from time to time should be distributed effectively in time to each dealer. 13)Handling of minor complaints shall be done and if it needs to be escalated, the same shall be done in time. Follow up shall be maintained to ensure that complaint gets resolved with satisfaction of all. 14)Submission of reports as planned in the prescribed formats to the reporting person at set frequency. 15)Gather competitors information with respect to sales volume, arrivals, prices (bill price/wholesale price/retail sales price), rebates & incentive, activities, displays, etc. on daily basis and submit the same to the reporting executive with any suggestion/advise for taking decision on way forward. 16)Providing assistance to reporting executive for preparing budgets, targets, activity plans, etc. 17)In addition, any work assigned from time to time.
  Industry Type - Retail
  Not disclosed
  Required Skill - reports,collection,reconciliation payment collection
  Any Graduate
  2-5 years
  Coordinate sales team by managing schedules, filing important documents and communicating relevant information Ensure the adequacy of sales-related equipment or material Respond to complaints from customers and give after-sales support when requested Store and sort financial and non-financial data in electronic form and present reports Handle the processing of all orders with accuracy and timeliness Inform clients of unforeseen delays or problems Monitor the team’s progress, identify shortcomings and propose improvements Assist in the preparation and organizing of promotional material or events Ensure adherence to laws and policies Proven experience in sales; experience as a sales coordinator or in other administrative positions will be considered a plus; Good computer skills (MS Office) Proficiency in English Well-organized and responsible with an aptitude in problem-solving Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  Industry Type - Industrial Products/ Heavy Machinery
  Not disclosed
  Required Skill - Sales Coordinator, Sales Officer, Sales Executive
  Any Graduate
  1-5 years
  We are looking for a competitive and trustworthy Sales Associateto help us build up our business activities. You will be responsible for discovering and pursuing new sales prospects and maintaining customer satisfaction. The goal is to meet and surpass the company's expectations to drive rapid and sustainable growth.
  Industry Type - FMCG / Foods / Beverage
  Required Skill - Meet and aim to exceed set sales targets,Develop strong communication skills ,Practice a consistent positive attitude and customer centric approach ,Develop the ability to work independently and within a team. ,Learn the importance of high quality customer service
  Any Graduate
  1-3 years
  Industry Type - Real Estate / Property
  Any Graduate
  1-3 years
  Industry Type - Real Estate / Property
  Required Skill - SALES
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