Any Graduate
  2-3 years
  Manage day to day operations of the HR Department. Administration of-of HR Policies, procedures, programs and carry out the responsibilities in HRIS, employee relations, benefits, payroll, and recruitment, compensations, training, and development. Responsibilities and Duties 1. Recruiting and staffing logistics. 2. Organizational and space planning. 3. performance management system 4. employment and compliance to regulatory authority and reporting. 5. Recruitment support activities 6. employee orientation, development, and training 7. employee relation 8. compensation, payroll and benefits administration 9. Employee services-safety, wellness and health, and welfare. 10. Managing HRM tool/software. Required Experience, Skills and Qualifications 1. MBA Degree from a reputed institution. 2. 2-3 years of experience in a Software/IT industry. 3. Familiar with HRM Tool/software. 4. Good communication abilities Benefits As per company policy.
  Industry Type - Not declared
  20000 - 25000
  Required Skill - Not declared
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